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Signs Vancouver

At Amber Sign and Design, we are always looking out for our clients' best interests. We want to make sure your signage is getting you a good way! It's a fact that the signs Vancouver residents respond to best are classic and contemporary designs. Keeping designs clean and simple is a good rule of thumb. Your message must be clear, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing.


On the other hand, the signs Vancouver residents respond the least to are signs that are busy, "cheap" looking and dated. When a sign is too “cluttered” a potential customer does not know where to look or what is important and can be turned off. A simple example of what not to include on your main facia signage is your phone number. Not only is this practice in violation of city bylaws, it tends, on a subconscious level, to cheapen your brand in the eye of the consumer. Your business phone number is best placed with your website on your main entrance glass and/or sandwhich board.


Make sure your designs are simple and strong, utilising complementary colours as well as contrast. Some of the best logos use just one or two clearly legible fonts and some combination of upper and lower case lettering for contrast. Know your product and your target market: keep in mind that lower case lettering unconsciously strikes the viewer as casual and friendly, while upper case lettering comes across as a little more formal. We at Amber Sign & Design pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional and attentive service and are adept at working with you to design signage that will give you vey best attention! We are with you every step of the way, helping you hone your own ideas while providing you with professional suggestions and options.

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Vancouver Sign Companies

There are many Vancouver sign companies, some good and some, to be blunt, that are pretty bad. It can be a real challenge to sift through the pages of google search results, calling multiple companies trying to find a company that you believe will share your vision and whom you can trust. With Amber Sign & Design you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best and most comprehensive advice and recommendations about your signage needs anywhere.

There are, unfortunately, some Vancouver sign companies who will sell you on signage, often undercutting legitimate and quality sign companies,  without telling you that in fact they're using cheap and inferior material, production and installation methods that will fade, be bubbled and crooked, be potentially unsafe, or completely fall apart within a short period of time. Time and again, we have seen the poor workmanship left by these companies and heard the horror stories of their ex customers.

 At Amber Sign and Design, we give you the detailed information you need in order to make an informed decision about your signage, from the types of material available, their particular properties and durability,  to the pros and cons of various methods of installation. Providing you with a full range of options, we work within your budget  to arrive at a quality sign package that is right for you.  You will leave one of our free onsite consultations with a thorough understanding of your signage options, as well as the practical and aesthetic reasons behind our recommendations, so that you can move forward with us on your own design ideas with confidence. 

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Vancouver Signs 

The importance of signage in advertising is undisputed. In order for a potential customer to find you and become a paying customer, you obviously need to be visible. The quality and attractiveness of Vancouver signs are varied, however, the most effective and impactful signage builds brand awareness customer trust.


The best signs begin with a thorough understanding of a client's business. Here at Amber Sign & Design we believe that what you do and who you are are essential elements that must be projected through your choice of signage. The design of your Vancouver signs, as well as the type of sign you choose, must in all ways complement your business.


Successful signage takes many elements into consideration. The type of business you run, the area in which you are located, existing architecture and landscaping features are all important aspects that we consider when recommending signage options. If you have an existing logo and or design ideas for your signage, we can incorporate them into the overall package. Or if you would like to refresh and upgrade your logo, or would like the option of an entirely new image we can design that for you. 


We at Amber Sign & Design work with you to project a powerful, professional image through exceptional custom signage and branding to help you attract business, build your brand, and increase revenue. Together, we work with you toward the ultimate success of your project and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied.





Signage Vancouver                     

Signage Vancouver: If you pay attention, you will notice an ever changing kaleidoscope of colours and shapes populating our city landscape. Bright neon lights along a revitalized Granville strip contrast with smooth facias sporting funky 3D lettering and goose neck lamps. Everwhere, colourful printed graphics  plaster the high hoarding surrounding yet another new condo construction site.

As old businesses shut their doors and new, optimistic entrepreneurs try their hand at life on their own terms, we see the inevitable result: signage. Vancouver is a dynamic town welcoming a constant stream of new arrivals as new home owners, new business owners, new pleasure seekers are drawn to our beautiful province. With the people come their ideas, their dreams and the signage that results.

We, as sign makers, designers, and entrepreneurs ourselves, pay close attention. We notice the new trends, techniques and the new talent and we apply all the good that we see to our own work. Being chiefly concerned with quality and exceptionalism, we also notice the shoddy craftsmanship of some of the Vancouver signage we see. We get up close and personal and point out to each other the tell tale air bubbles lurking beneath a poorly applied graphic on a storefront window. We notice when graphic lettering has been applied slightly crooked, when the wrong vinyl has been used on a lightbox, or when black vinyl has been used on a pvc sandwhich board and the heat of the sun has warped the plastic. We notice when a cheap print has been used on a lightbox, rather than the far superior cut vinyl graphics, and the cheap ink has faded in the sunlight and weather.

We notice the bad and the good, the careless workmanship along with the dynamic excellence, and we use it all to continually improve our own work. We use it all to bring the very best to our clients and partners. 



Sign Companies Vancouver

Opening a new business requires a great deal of time, energy, organization and resources. New business owners find themselves juggling a thousand different tasks, from building a detailed business plan and choosing a location to dealing with finances and hiring employees. New business owners are often are so busy designing their new business...renovating interiors, rewiring electrical, choosing reception desks and flooring, placing orders for their own stock...that they don't get around to thinking about their signage until the very last minute. By the time they call us, they need their signs yesterday!

Sign companies Vancouver: It is important to start your signage consultations early on in the construction/designing process. Our designers need to sit down with you and go over your ideas, needs and budget thoroughly. A new business owner's brand and image is extremely important and it can take time and a lot of back and forth to perfect your design. Your business type, building type and fascia space must be considered, fonts chosen, artwork created Once your design is created and together we have decided, according to your budget and preferences, upon the specific signage desired, we can move on to the next step.

Your signage may require a city permit and detailed architectural drawings, as well as permission from a building owner or strata before we can begin the fabrication process. Once all required drawings, applications and fees have been submitted to the city sign department, It can take several weeks or more for your business to be issued the necessary permits. It is at this point that we can begin building and installing your signage.

As you can see, It is in your best interests to start the process early. You must keep in mind how vitally important your signage is and give yourself the time to create the image that best reflects you and your business.. After all, your potential customers' very first impression of you is what they see when they approach your place of business...your brand, your signage! What they see will inform their opinions, their spending habits and their patronage. At Amber Sign & Design, we understand how important your business is to you and how much of yourself you have poured into it. From concept to completion and beyond, we are on your side and will help you create a brand and an image you and your customers will love. We are proud to be one of the city's best and most dedicated sign companies; Vancouver rocks!

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